ACG Career Learning Paths

Go from novice to guru in specialized career tracks

Way beyond a simple check-the-box feature

Anyone can bundle a few courses and call it a learning path. But that’s just not our style. When we set out to build our Career Learning Paths, we knew they needed to provide a clear path for individual advancement, and a clear strategic value to businesses focused on organizational talent development and resource planning.

Tapping into our expertise from helping more than a million engineers learn new skills, we spent hours determining the optimum paths to take students from beginners to gurus, and how to tie them into our larger platform. 17 whiteboards and at least 300 coffees later, we knew we had something truly special…

…the most comprehensive, intelligent, and strategically oriented learning paths out there.

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Build role-specific expertise

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5 skill levels to master

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Average of 5 certifications per path

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Flexible and self-paced

For Individuals

Go from novice to guru

Know exactly where to go next

Our Career Learning Paths guide you to the exact skills you need to master to progress from novice to expert to guru in multiple specialized domains.

Gain multiple certifications quickly

By focusing on a specialized career track, you can build on your knowledge and carry momentum from one certification to the next.

Level up and prove your skills

Use our levels as a gauge for your cloud skills, and advance levels as you advance your skills. Think of it like an RPG for your cloud career.


Accelerate business transformation through strategic talent development

Take your team beyond the basics

Getting your team to the cloud is super important, but once they’re there, you can start developing career-specific expertise in a structured, predictable manner.

Level up for a new project

Launching a new deployment? Expanding a successful initiative? Beefing up your security or DevOps teams? Career Learning Paths provide a quick route to hitting your resourcing goals.

Reach professional certification

Help your best talent get even better. Professional-level certifications don’t just validate the pinnacle of cloud knowledge, they can also be requirements for certain accreditations.

Paths to cloud enlightenment

The cloud is a really big place. So big that it can be tough to know where to start or where to go next. That’s why we created our Career Learning Paths, to provide a map to mastery in six distinct career tracks. Each path starts at the Novice level and advances through Apprentice, Practitioner, and Professional levels before culminating in the Guru level.

While each path contains certification courses, they are not certification-based. They are skills and knowledge-based, and draw on multiple non-certification courses and labs to build more well-rounded, domain-specific expertise.

Curious? Let’s set up time to chat about your goals.

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