ACG Cloud Training Certification Accelerator

The program to make cloud a part of your culture

Cloud computing requires a new set of skills

Getting a team trained up on anything can be challenging. Our Certification Accelerator takes a sprint-based, metrics-driven approach to getting your teams cloud-ready in a way that’s easy to implement and easy to scale.

Our Certification Accelerator is the fastest way to onboard your teams to the cloud.

Proven onboarding experience

Metrics-driven programming

One-click implementation

Built for team collaboration

Build a solid foundation

Cloud computing is rewriting the rules of how companies operate and is becoming an increasingly important criteria in recruiting and retention. We’ve successfully helped Fortune 500 companies build strong cloud foundations and attract and retain cutting-edge talent using our Certification Accelerator.

Establish a common language

Our Certification Accelerator uses foundational cloud certifications to establish a common understanding of how the cloud works throughout your entire organization. By ensuring your teams are trained from a consistent knowledge base, our Certification Accelerator establishes a common cloud language throughout your organization, creating a launching point for stronger collaboration, better team cohesion, and enhanced productivity.

Build an unstoppable learning culture

Use our program as a stepping off point for driving greater learning and curiosity within your company. We’ve seen departments battle against each other, establish new Cloud Coach roles, implement new “no engineer left behind” policies, and more. Research has found that comprehensively trained organizations are 80% faster to adopt cloud.* (IDC Information and Data 2017)

Getting started is a breeze

Drop your teams into our Certification Accelerator, and we handle the rest. Each week, students receive a lesson plan introducing them to which lessons to watch, which labs to do, and which papers to read to master that week’s cloud domain.

Certified Solutions Architect—Associate


Introduction to AWS

This week’s lessons will introduce you to key AWS concepts and to the services that make up the AWS platform.


A Look Into Storage

S3 is at the heart of almost everything you’ll do with AWS, and we’ll learn what objects are and how they’re stored securely.

WEEK 3-4

EC2: The Backbone of AWS

We'll launch EC2 instances, learn about Security Groups, and take our first look at how AWS’ monitoring service can be used with EC2.


Route53 & DNS

This week, we’ll take a look at DNS – the internet “phone book” that converts human-friendly domain names to numeric IP addresses.



This week’s lesson starts with an introduction to the database technologies available on AWS.



This week, we’ll explore the AWS networking services you’ll use to properly control the traffic flowing to, from, and between your AWS resources.


AWS Application Services

This week, we’ll explore the suite of AWS Application Services: we’ll learn about Amazon SQS queue service, Amazon SNS push service, and many more.

WEEK 9-10

Overwrap and Exam Preparation

We’ll review what to expect during the certification exam, learn about how the exam is structured, and talk about how to parse the exam language.

Certified Cloud Practitioner


Introduction to Cloud Computing

Introduce you to Cloud Computing and the key AWS families of services you’ll need to understand to clear the CCP exam, and show you how to get started with the AWS Console.


Compute Services

EC2 is the backbone of AWS. Learn about this foundational service, and the technology that supports it.


Introduction to Databases

This week’s lesson starts with an introduction to the database technologies available on AWS.


Security in the Cloud

We’ll learn about the Shared Responsibility Model, and the compliance of the AWS platform with applicable standards, laws, and frameworks.


Proven success

Our Certification Accelerator has successfully helped Fortune 500 companies go from having zero certified staff to over 1,000 certified employees in under a year.

3,000 certifications in 12 months

"We needed to build a learning program with effective, self-directed training that would work within the constraints of our engineers’ busy work schedules."

Chris Wegman

- Managing Director, Accenture

Idea to launch in 5 months

"Cloud adoption isn’t just about cost benefits and performance. It’s about being a technology-led organization with an agile culture that embraces learning and change."

Mahmoud El Assir

- SVP & CTO, Verizon

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