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There's no substitute for hands-on experience

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You learn best when you're doing

You don’t learn how to cook by watching cooking shows, so why would anybody expect to learn how to cloud by passively watching training videos? We believe in doing. That’s why we weave hands-on labs into all our courses. So you can gain experience - and confidence - actually working in services in real world scenarios before using them in your workplace.

So get ready and roll up your sleeves.

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Beginner to expert skill levels

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Scenario-based use cases

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5-minute labs to multi-day projects

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Get Complete Experience

Two types of hands-on activities

01 Labs

We integrate our labs directly into our courses, giving you the chance to work with cloud services while you’re learning about them, and also make them available as standalones to practice the things that might trip you up day-to-day. Many of our labs are crowdsourced from the most common issues students face, and offer quick, 15-minute run-throughs showing you how to do a certain thing.

02 Projects

Projects are short, one-hour labs that give you the chance to practice applying your cloud skills and bringing multiple services together in real-world scenarios that range from the serious (like setting up geo-redundant deployments) to the...less serious (like a meme-generating IoT button).

There's no substitute for hands-on learning.

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