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This is the series that puts the fun in technical fundamentals! If you’re new to All Things Tech, mastering tech basics will equip you with the skills you need to tackle more complex concepts, projects, and real-world scenarios in your day-to-day work life.

Authors: Mattias Andersson, Julian Pittas, Robin Norwood

Introduction to the Command Line

03:52 · 07 Sep 2018

In this lesson, we’ll get a high-level overview of what a Command Line Interface is and why it’s used. You'll learn how to open your terminal window on a Mac or Linux machine, and get an inkling of some of the cool things you can do once you’ve mastered the command line!

How to build a VPC

12:31 · 13 Jun 2019

In this lab, we will use the act of building a simple VPC to understand what they are, how they work, and what they're made of.

How to Set Up an AWS CLI

07:46 · 27 May 2019

In this lesson, we'll learn to get started with the AWS CLI, a powerful tool to automate some of your more common AWS tasks. We'll learn how to install the AWS CLI, and the basics of how to configure and use it.

Adding an Embedded Google Map to your Website

04:26 · 27 May 2019

In this lab, you'll learn how to embed a Google Map onto your own website. We'll get familiar with the Google Maps Embed API and learn how to do cool things such as highlighting landmarks on the maps you create.

Getting Started with Cloud Storage

11:00 · 27 May 2019

In this lab, you'll get hands on with Google Cloud Storage (GCS). We'll create a bucket, upload a few files into our newly created bucket and set sharing and permissions levels.

How to Git Merge

08:26 · 15 Aug 2019

One of the most powerful features of git and other source control systems is the ability to have different 'branches' of our project's history so you can work on things independently. Eventually, you’ll need to bring those different branches together. In this lesson, we’ll learn the two basic kinds of merge, and how to resolve conflicts when they crop up.

How to Set Up GCP Billing Alerts

02:56 · 27 May 2019

In this lab, we’ll learn how to set up billing alerts for your GCP account. This will allow you to set a budget, letting you track how your spend is growing toward that amount.

How to Create an Azure Virtual Machine via PowerShell

10:21 · 10 Oct 2019

In this lab we'll learn how to create an Azure virtual machine via PowerShell and how to secure it at a network level with network security groups. Also, we'll learn how to delete the virtual machine and network security group when we're finished with them.

How to create a CloudFormation template file

10:52 · 27 May 2019

The template is the heart of any CloudFormation stack, so understanding how they work is pretty important to getting better at CloudFormation. In this lab, we'll learn how to write CloudFormation template files.

How to Work with Network Security Groups on NIC

13:31 · 09 Sep 2019

In this lab, we’ll get an introduction to network security groups (NSGs) in Azure. We’ll start by creating NSGs and assigning them to network interfaces on Azure VMs. We’ll also go through verifying connectivity by testing the traffic flow between the VMs.

How to create a Free Trial GCP Account

09:11 · 15 Aug 2019

In this lab, you’ll learn how to set up a free-tier account on Google Cloud Platform.

Azure Subscription Setup

07:52 · 04 Sep 2019

In this lab, we’ll learn the difference between an Azure organization, subscription, and tenant. We’ll review the different Azure subscription offers including EA, Pay-As-You-Go, Dev Test and MSDN. Finally, we’ll step through how to set up an Azure subscription.

Git Branches

10:56 · 15 Aug 2019

In this lesson, we'll touch on the basics of how to create and manage branches on Git.

Introduction to Git

10:19 · 15 Aug 2019

In this lesson, you'll learn the very basics of Git, a free and open source version control system. You'll learn how to create a repository, add commits and see a log of all your previous commits.

Identity Access Management Checklist on AWS

06:35 · 26 May 2019

In this lesson, you’ll learn some best practices for securing your Amazon Web Services account, including enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA), creating individual IAM users, using groups to assign permissions, and applying IAM policies.

Networking: Subnets and CIDR

13:47 · 01 Sep 2018

In this episode, we'll learn the basics of IP addresses and how to define networks and subnets with CIDR.

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