ACG Cloud Playground

Risk-free hands-on cloud learning for teams

Let your people get their hands cloudy

Learn by doing with Cloud Playground for Business

Binging Bob Ross painting videos won’t make someone a master painter. (Trust us. We tried.) The best way for people to learn is by doing. That’s why we’re as happy as a little tree to unveil Cloud Playground for ACG for Business.

Featuring real AWS, Azure, and GCP sandboxes and customizable servers, Cloud Playground pairs our engaging cloud skills development content with the perfect practice spaces. No risks to your production environment, no hidden fees, no hassles for admins or IT — just one fast, easy way for your team to get hands on with new technology (and make happy little accidents) on the way to cloud fluency.

Cloud Sandboxes

Dig into live AWS, Azure, and GCP environments. Login credentials included.

Cloud Servers

Spin up pre-configured, auto-provisioned servers running different distributions and tools.

Instant Terminal

Launch an in-browser terminal and SSH into any instance on any provider, even behind a firewall.

No worries for your business

Unexpected charges from resources left running? Managing costs and scaling? Don’t sweat it. Cloud Playground Cloud Sandboxes shut down automatically, aren’t tied to your billing, and are managed by us. So your team can learn by doing (and breaking things) on our servers, not yours.

Getting started is a walk in the park

No additional management, resources, downloads, or Port 22 access is needed, so your learners can swing into Cloud Playground even behind a corporate firewall.

Cloud along with us

Cloud Playground is a safe space to sharpen cloud skills. Teams can cloud along in real time with our courses and labs, or slide into a new environment and play around. And they can do it all without fear of breaking anything or racking up a surprise bill.

Keep it real

The universe may be a simulation, but our Cloud Playground is 100% the real deal. Cloud Sandboxes and Cloud Servers give your team real-world production experience because they are real. Nothing’s simulated.

Learn the hardware way

Take real servers for a virtual spin. Your people get an allowance of credits to redeem for pre-configured and customizable Cloud Servers running different distributions and tools, so they can build the ideal setup for their unique learning needs.

Learn by doing with Cloud Playground for Business

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