ACG Original Series

Release Review

In our classic irreverent fashion, A Cloud Guru takes a hard look at newly released AWS services, using detailed technical demo walkthroughs to reach a verdict as to whether you should invest in, dabble with, or hold on implementing each service as part of your production systems.

Authors: Corey Quinn, Sam Kroonenburg, Julian Pittas, Brock Tubre

AWS Glue

21:06 · 20 Dec 2018

In this Release Review, Corey talks about AWS Glue, a fully managed ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) service. What is AWS Glue? Why might you care about it? What is it capable of? Why does Corey keep referring to it as the next iteration of 'AWS Horse'? Then watch on to find out the verdict on whether to hold, dabble or invest!

Amazon Connect

38:15 · 13 Jul 2018

In this episode, we build our own contact center using Amazon Connect. We set up a number and create a flow to allow customers to call your business. If there's no one to take the call we direct the customer through the process of leaving their number and then calling them back when an agent is available. At the end, we evaluate the pros and cons of using Amazon Connect and deliver our verdict.

Amazon SageMaker

30:57 · 07 Mar 2018

In this episode, we'll go through some of the benefits of Amazon SageMaker, how it compares and fits into the Amazon Machine Learning offerings and how it stacks up to its competitors from Google and Microsoft. We'll Then go into a demo to build and host our own model before wrapping up with the Verdict.

Amazon Rekognition

18:31 · 31 Oct 2017

In this episode, we look at Amazon Rekognition, which is Amazon's image analysis service. Point recognition at pictures in your S3 buckets and it will analyze them and return a rich array of data about what it 'sees' in those pictures.

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