ACG Original Series

DeepRacer: The Fast and the Curious

Welcome to the series that takes the learning and hands it over to the machine. In this 8-part series we’ll teach you the fundamentals of Machine and Reinforcement Learning, supervised and unsupervised learning, how to build a reward function and prepare for a race.

Authors: Nick Triantafillou and Scott Pletcher

Under the Hood

06:59 · 28 Jun 2019

Now, you know what the DeepRacer car is, but how exactly does it work? Join us in our second episode as Nick Triantafillou tell us about all the assembled components, how to get yours connected, calibrated, and ready to race.

What is DeepRacer

05:50 · 28 Jun 2019

In our very first episode of DeepRacer: The Fast and the Curious, we jump straight into everyone's question - what is the DeepRacer? Join us as Scott Pletcher gives us a rundown on the DeepRacer, Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning.

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